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Treasurer’s Office Will Remain Open If Shutdown Proceeds

The following is a special notice. Because of its crucial role in Washington State government, the Office of the State Treasurer will remain open, and its employees working at their jobs, in the event of a state government shutdown. If the state legislature does not adopt a new budget by Saturday, July 1 for the next […]


OST Report: State Debt Burden Stabilizes

(Updated May 25, 2017). The debt burden of the State of Washington has stabilized with growth of less than one percent in 2016, according to the annual Debt Affordability Study released today by outgoing State Treasurer Jim McIntire. “Debt is an important resource for funding major capital projects such as schools, universities, parks, roads, bridges […]


State Gets Low Rates For Transportation Bonds

(Story updated May 25, 2017). The State of Washington successfully issued two series of general obligation bonds in competitive sales today, September 7, 2016. Proceeds will be used for transportation infrastructure projects statewide, including the SR 520 Corridor. A new cross-lake corridor project is being finished there, including a 7,708-foot floating bridge completed in April, 2016. […]

Washington State’s Green Bond Sale Shows Investors Value Conservation

(Updated May 25, 2017). On Monday, investors bought $51.1 million in Washington State Green Bonds, the first time they have been offered by the State. Proceeds will be used for salmon habitat restoration through the removal of fish passage barriers, the installation of solar panel systems to generate more renewable energy, the improvement of forest […]