Meet The State Treasurer’s Staff: Debt Financial Officer Wendy Weeks

Meet The State Treasurer's Staff: (Title) Wendy Weeks

Wendy Weeks is a Debt Financial Officer in the Debt Management division of the Office of the State Treasurer (OST), in Washington, where she has worked for 19 years. She’s responsible for:

  • financial reporting and budgeting for the division;
  • ensuring that all debt service payments made on bonds issued by the state are accurate and timely;
  • and she assists with accounting and reporting all bond sale activity.

Tangible Results Are Rewarding

Wendy says, “As a ‘numbers nerd’, I enjoy putting together the accounting transactions and year-end reporting, as well as assisting with the preparation for the bond sales. I enjoy seeing projects around the state that have been financed with bonds that I worked on.”

She adds that driving on the new State Route 520 bridge or on State Route 99 where a new deep-bored tunnel is going in, “I know that our bonds are paying for these projects. I had a hand in the bond sales. There’s an immediate connection there. The work that I do does matter, and I can see that.”

Wendy has worked for the state of Washington for more than 27 years, mainly at the Treasurer’s Office, where she previously held various positions in the Accounting and Fiscal Services Division.

Has Served Six Different State Agencies

She briefly worked for the State of Washington’s Department of Fisheries back in 1978 while still a student at the University of Washington. Since 1990, she has worked for the Military Department, Department of Corrections, OST, the State Auditor’s Office and the Office of Financial Management.

She adds, “my background – believe it or not – includes a degree in Fisheries Biology from the University of Washington. I decided to go back to school in 1995 and after some additional coursework and study, I became a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) in 1999.”

Enjoys Camping And Fishing In the Northwest

Away from work, Wendy says, “I enjoy camping and fishing with my family.” Favorite camping spots have included Ike Kinswa State Park on Mayfield Lake in Lewis County; as well as Steamboat Rock State Park, and Ocean City State Park. Fishing is another pursuit. She and her husband Steve like Eld Inlet and Budd Inlet for cutthroat and salmon, Westport for salmon, and loved their one visit to Sitka Sound in Alaska for salmon and halibut fishing. Wendy likes her halibut grilled simply, with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

She and Steve are grandparents. Their own twin girls Effie and Theresa are now 33.

Wendy adds, “I also like to do volunteer work. I currently volunteer on a committee for our local credit union. In my spare time, I like to quilt.”