This page is a compilation of media coverage for the office of Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson. It includes links to online articles, interviews, and TV appearances.


Treasurer Opposes Public Bank

Treasurer argues that Washington should not create a public bank to help fund local infrastructure projects, The Lens, 11/13/2018

State Should Issue Less Debt

Washington Treasurer Manages State Bond Sales. Now he Wants Less, Bloomberg, 4/2/2018

Saving Now Could Help in Future

Treasurer warns of raiding rainy day fund, The Lens, 3/30/2018

State Needs to Pay Down Debt

The Everett Herald Net Editorial Board makes a case for paying down debt.

Editorial: State needs to begin paying down its bond debt, Herald Net, 3/2/2018

Use Windfall to Pay Down Debt

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Editorial Board argues that paying down state debt with windfall is fiscally smart and responsible.

State windfall should be used to pay down debt, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/26/2018

State Should put Excess Revenue Towards Debt

A series of national and local newspapers ran an Associated Press article regarding Treasurer Davidson’s position on what the state should do with the excess revenue windfall.

TVW Interview: The Impact, State Treasurer Weights in on State Debt and a Proposal to Tap State Reserves

The Impact, TVW, 1/10/2018

Leave the State’s Raining Day Fund Alone

The Tri-City Herald Editorial Board speaks out against using state reserves.

Our Voice: It’s not raining hard enough to dip into state reserves, Tri-City Herald, 1/7/2018


High Debt Should Be a Concern

The Walla Wall Union-Bulletin Editorial Board takes a look at a recent interview the State Treasurer conducted and has some thoughts about Washington’s debt.

Washington’s debt level a cause for concern, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 12/29/2017

Be Mindful of Debt

Why every Washington Resident ‘owes’ $2,717, Tri-City Herald, 12/26/2017

Why Financial Literacy is Important to Farm Workers

Davidson: Financial Literacy Must Be Taught To Farm Workers, Washington AG Network, 12/19/2017

TWV Interview: Inside Olympia, Reviewing Treasurer Davidson’s First Year in Office

Inside Olympia, TVW, 12/14/2017

Washington State Treasurer’s Office Saves Almost $70 Million in Debt Service Costs

State Treasurer Issues Advance Refunding Bonds Ahead of Congressional Tax Reform, Washington State Wire, 12/1/2017

Washington State Advance Refunding Nov. 2017

Washington state will get advance refunding deal in before year’s end, Bond Buyer, 11/28/2017

Treasurer Tours Skills Center

“Washington State Treasurer Tours CB Tech” Columbia Basin Herald, 8/21/17

Bond Buyer Cites OST’s Capital Budget Explainer

Cited by Bond Buyer is our website’s “Insight” section explainer on what it means – and doesn’t mean – that Washington state lawmakers adjourned in July after passing an operating budget but no new capital budget. “Washington State’s Capital Budget Conundrum,” Bond Buyer, 8/3/17

Careful On Debt, Treasurer Warns

Raise Your Drink To State’s Financial State, But Watch Out For The Hangover,” Tacoma News Tribune, 7/8/17

Treasurer, Other Committee Members Fine-Tune GET

GET College Plan Now Back In Line With Yearly Tuition Costs,” Seattle Times 7/7/17

Sounding A Fiscal Warning, On Budget Impasse

Budget Stalemate Puts State’s Financial Reputation At Risk,” Seattle Times, guest op-ed by State Treasurer Duane Davidson, 6/21/17.

Budget Stalemate Puts State’s Financial Reputation At Risk,” republished op-ed, Washington State Wire, 6/21/17.

Promoting Financial Education, In Yakima Visit

Best Lesson on Financial Literacy Found Here in Yakima,” Yakima Herald-Republic (editorial), 5/24/17

State Treasurer Looks at Junior Achievement to Promote Financial Literacy,” Yakima Herald-Republic, 5/18/17

Politics Needs New Blood – And Youth Is No Barrier

Adapted from his keynote speech in the State House of Representatives to the 70th YMCA Youth Legislature, Treasurer Davidson wrote a guest commentary that was published in numerous newspapers.

Student Financial Education Is Key, Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson Testifies

Steps to help ensure college students have a clearer understanding of student loan debt, and other ABCs of personal finance are increasingly warranted, State Treasurer Duane Davidson said to Washington State House lawmakers in committee testimony.

Two Higher Education Bills Passed By Senate Sit In House Committee, Daily Evergreen, 3/24/17

Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson Hails National Award For Financial Reporting

A national organization has awarded the Treasurer’s Office with special recognition for going above and beyond, in the preparation of its annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report on the state’s Local Government Investment Pool. Guest article, Washington State Wire, 3/17/17

TVW Interview with New Washington State Treasurer Duane A. Davidson

On TVW’s “Inside Olympia,” host Austin Jenkins sat down in early 2017 with newly elected State Treasurer Duane Davidson and Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, 1/26/17. Click here for video.


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