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State Treasurer Helps Lower Washington State Educational Costs

State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti Leads Successful Effort to Lower Washington State Educational Costs: Parents’ ability to pay for their kids’ future educational costs just got a bit easier. Due in part to successful state investments this past year, State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti successfully led an effort today to lower the price of GET units. Pellicciotti’s […]

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With Strong Credit Ratings, State Treasurer Pellicciotti Finances over $950 Million of Infrastructure and Transportation Upgrades 

Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti approved the sale of three series of bonds today, delivering over $950 million in proceeds, which will be used to finance major infrastructure and transportation projects throughout the state. Proceeds from these bonds will pay for a portion of the construction costs of a new ferry for Washington’s long-planned plug-in hybrid-electric fleet, all at near-historically low-interest rates. Last week, the leading credit rating agencies affirmed the State of Washington’s […]

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State Treasurer Pellicciotti Secures Strong Bond Ratings as Washington State Seeks to Finance Future Projects

Washington State maintains Moody’s top Aaa credit rating based on its strong financial standing as economy fully reopens After the State Finance Committee met Wednesday to authorize the issuance of new bonds, Committee Chair and State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti received confirmation that Washington has maintained its strong credit ratings as it prepares to sell approximately […]

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State Treasurer’s Office Finances $51.07 Million of State and Local Projects at Low Interest Rates

A solid credit rating along with strong investor demand allowed the State Treasurer’s Office to finance several local and state government projects at low interest rates today. “I’m pleased that our Office was able to leverage Washington’s historically strong financial standing to allow local governments to finance essential community services, like new fire equipment, an […]

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State Treasurer Refinances State Debt to Save Washingtonians Over $100 million

Relying on low interest rates and Washington’s strong credit rating, today State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti approved the refinancing of state debt to save Washingtonians $112 million in future debt costs, the highest amount of savings on a percentage basis from a refinancing by the Treasurer’s Office in at least 35 years, when records were first […]

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State Treasurer Approves Convention Center Financing Agreement: Avoids $315 Million in Government Loans

Washington Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti approved a financing plan today that will allow the Washington State Convention Center Public Facilities District to complete its expansion with private funding through the municipal bond market, thereby avoiding the need for $315 million in government loans that was being considered by the State, the City of Seattle, and King […]

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State Treasurer Pellicciotti Wants More People with Disabilities to Have Financial Security

State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti called on Congress today to allow more people with disabilities to set up tax-advantaged savings programs. “I want more people with disabilities in our state to benefit from those programs that can serve their long-term financial needs,” said Pellicciotti. As State Treasurer, Pellicciotti serves as the elected official on Washington’s Achieving […]

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State Treasurer’s Office Finances $14.79 Million of State and Local Projects at Low Interest Rates

This morning, the Office of the State Treasurer sold $14.79 million in Certificates of Participation (COPs) in a competitive sale. Washington State’s COP sale attracted strong demand, with bids from 14 financial institutions. Hilltop Securities submitted the winning bid, with the lowest true interest cost of 0.54% (TIC). This is the lowest TIC for a […]

State Treasurer Pellicciotti Takes Oath of Office Today

Mike Pellicciotti was sworn in today as Washington’s 24th state treasurer. Washington Supreme Court Justice Steven González administered the oath of office in Olympia to the state’s newest chief financial officer. “I look forward to working with the talented staff within the Treasurer’s Office to protect the financial health of our state and promote policies […]