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Davidson Tours Skills Center, Promoting Financial Education

Davidson Tours Skills Center, Promoting Financial Education

MOSES LAKE – During a recent visit to Grant County, Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson toured the newly built Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center located in Moses Lake. The high school center that serves eight different school districts was completed in June of 2014 and houses classrooms dedicated to coding, woodworking, metalworking, nursing, law/justice, marketing and more. The school also gives students practical experience such as job interviewing tips, resume counseling and connections to culinary and technical schools after they graduate high school. In addition to the classes and practical experience, the center stands as a focal point for the community serving as a conference center for local public and private organizations.

“I’m really pleased at what’s going on here.”

Davidson was impressed and later applauded the school on their efforts as the Columbia Basin Herald reported:

“…“I’m really pleased at what’s going on here.” In his opinion more places like CB Tech are needed, he said. The skills center provides students with training in and knowledge about careers that don’t need a college degree, he said, and Washington needs more of that.”

While touring the center, the paper also noted Davidson’s efforts to promote financial education:

“Davidson said he’s concerned about debt – the state’s debt as well as debt of individual Washington residents. One way to address debt is to increase financial education, at the state and legislative level and at the individual level. Part of his effort to increase financial literacy was his role in passing a bill during the 2017 legislative session that requires colleges using major financial aid programs to provide a financial literacy workshop to incoming students.”

During his time in office, Davidson has worked to promote financial literacy and education through partnerships with other public and private organizations. He has been touring the state talking about the importance of financial education. Recently, he toured two Junior Achievement centers, one in Yakima and another in Auburn as well Olympic College in Bremerton.