Meet The State Treasurer’s Staff: Portfolio Administrator Kari Sample

Kari Sample and family

Kari Sample became an investments division Portfolio Administrator for the Office of the State Treasurer in mid-2017, after 10 years here – serving first as a Certificates of Deposit Investment Administrator, and then as Administrator of the Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP).

In her latest role, Kari is responsible for management of all investment operations. Investments carefully shepherds taxpayer monies and other state revenues entrusted to the Treasurer’s Office by hundreds of agencies and offices of Washington State Government. The division also runs the Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP), which maximizes the return on short-term surplus cash of state agencies and local governments. It’s an award-winning program.

Manages Investment Operations

Kari’s new position covers a lot: trade entry, processing, and settlement; custody oversight; portfolio compliance, including securities lending; reconciliation of daily investment activity; repo collateral maintenance and oversight; management of investment data; set up of security class information; website reporting and updates; and portfolio pricing and benchmark tracking.

Kari says, “The position of Portfolio Administrator opens up a whole new learning process for me. I love working together as a group in our division on our daily processes and any special projects that come up. Most recently, we have been going through the Request For Proposal process for custody services. This has been a great way for me to step in and learn how the office executes the process of finding the right vendor for our needs.”

Deepening Her Work Alliances

She adds, “In my former position as LGIP Administrator, being involved with a few of the local associations has also been a great opportunity to network and really get to know the local people that we work with daily. I have fun volunteering to help on the Washington Financial Officers Association education committee, and also on the Washington Public Treasurers Association board, where I’ve been a member for the past six years.”

Kari is a graduate of Grays Harbor Community College, with an Associate’s Degree in accounting. Prior to joining the Office of the State Treasurer, Kari worked as an Accounting Clerk for Simpson Door Company. She is currently enrolled at the college taking classes to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in the near future.

Riding Quad Bikes At The Dunes

Kari says she and her husband Ryan and daughter Janessa enjoy the outdoors. They camp and ride quad bikes in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Kari runs and hikes throughout the year. She and Ryan also coach and volunteer for Janessa’s sports teams.

She is just one of the 60-plus Treasurer’s Office employees who work quietly behind the scenes to ensure state and local taxpayer funds are prudently invested, state agency cash receipts and disbursements are safely handled and accounted for, and debt is issued responsibly in order to meet the capital project needs of the state’s fast-growing population.