Brittney May/DOR
Phone: 360.705.6084
FAX: 360.705.6174
E-mail: BrittneyM@dor.wa.gov

Authority: RCW 54.28.020
Distribution: To Cities, Towns, Counties, Fire Protection Districts and Library Districts
Frequency: s/b Monthly (random)

This tax is collected by the Department of Revenue from public utility districts that operate facilities for generating, distributing, and/or selling electrical energy. Each year, the State Treasurer, upon certification from the Department of Revenue, distributes a portion of this tax to cities, towns, counties, fire protection districts, and library districts.  [RCW  54.28.020,  RCW  54.28.025,  RCW  54.28.050,  and  RCW 54.28.055].

BARS Code 3350091 – PUD Privilege Tax.