State Crime Victim & Witness Assistance

Contact:  Nancy Morris/OST
Phone:  360-902-8961
Authority: RCW 7.68
Distribution:  To Counties
Frequency:  Quarterly
The state crime victim and witness assistance account is created in the state treasury. The account shall consist of funds appropriated by the legislature for comprehensive crime victim and witness programs under RCW 7.68.035. The purpose of the account is to mitigate the fiscal impact from the elimination of the crime victim penalty assessment on juveniles and indigent adults in this act.  Pursuant to appropriation, each quarter, the state treasurer must distribute moneys deposited in the State Crime Victim and Witness Assistance Account to counties on the basis of each county’s distribution factor under RCW 82.14.310.  Counties may expend moneys distributed under this section only for purposes specified in RCW 7.68.035.

BARS Code:  33.60.102