The State Treasurer is receiving ‘truncated’ state warrants that are presented for payment electronically to the State Treasurer through the Federal Reserve Bank (“FRB”). The Federal Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (or Check 21) signed into law October 28, 2003, allows the FRB and other financial institutions to ‘truncate’ or create images of the warrants and present the images electronically to the paying bank(s). The original warrant is destroyed after an appropriate amount of time, typically 14 – 60 days. The warrant images are loaded into the State Treasurer’s internal system and as a result, state agencies are able to view and retrieve an image of the original warrant from the State Treasurer. The Warrant Services Division reconciles the warrants to the outstanding database, much like balancing a check register for a monthly bank statement. All stale warrants (those issued over 180 days) are returned to the presenting bank within 24 hours. The Treasurer’s Office does not accept pre-authorized debits.