WSCC PFD Tax State Share

Distribution: To cities, towns, and counties

Frequency: Monthly

Description: Monies collected are remitted back to local governments through the Washington State Treasurers’ office Distribution system.


Contacts: Kari Kenall/DOR
Phone: 360.534.1407
FAX: 360.534.1380


Jordan Dilba/DOR
Phone: 360.534.1424
FAX: 360.534.1380


Authority: RCW 54.28.020
RCW 54.28.025
RCW 54.28.050
RCW 54.28.055

Distribution: To cities, towns, and counties.

Frequency: Annually in June with 20th-of-the-month distribution or as information is received from the Department of Revenue.

Description: This tax is imposed on Public Utility Districts that operate electric generating facilities for the privilege of engaging in the business of generating electricity within the state.

BARS Code: 335.00.91