Treasurer’s Office Will Remain Open If Shutdown Proceeds

Duane Davidson shaking hands

The following is a special notice. Because of its crucial role in Washington State government, the Office of the State Treasurer will remain open, and its employees working at their jobs, in the event of a state government shutdown. If the state legislature does not adopt a new budget by Saturday, July 1 for the next two fiscal years, one possibility is that a shutdown could occur. Review this summary from the Office of Governor Jay Inslee, for more on the impacts. More regarding our work here, on our About Us page.

UPDATE: 6/28/17, 9:51 A.M.: Gov. Inslee’s Office reports caucus leaders say they have agreed upon a budget deal in principle and that “the agreement covers spending and resource levels. More details will be available after the four legislative caucuses are briefed on the agreement.”

UPDATE: 6/30/17, 11:59 P.M. Gov. Jay Inslee has signed a two-year $43.7 billion state budget, and a state government shutdown has been averted. More from the Seattle Times.