State Treasurer Welcomes County Officials from Around the State

State Treasurer welcomes county officials from around the state

Olympia, WA – Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson recently hosted a nearly two dozen newly elected and returning county officials. This group of county treasurers and assessors took part in a meet and greet with Treasurer Davidson and his staff.

The Office of the State Treasurer invited the group to extend an offer of partnership for those newly elected, as well as the returning county officials.

“We’re here with the open offer of support that you deserve from your state government,” said Davidson to a packed room.

Davidson hosted the meeting in the Legislative Building, where he introduced Shad Pruitt, Deputy Treasurer of Operations; Doug Extine, Deputy Treasurer in charge of investments; Jason Richter, Deputy Treasurer leading the Debt Management team; along with each of their supporting team members in the office.

Assistant Treasurer Shawn Myers also addressed the room, discussing some ongoing projects of the office, including a soon-to-be completed funding resource directory for helping users find funding for their projects and equipment purchases.

“Accountability and transparency always rules the day”

“It is not easy to run for office, and it’s a brave thing to do when you put yourself out there. But, what makes it worth it in the end is the ability to directly serve members of your community.” A service that, according to Davidson, should be done with transparency in mind.

“Accountability and transparency always rules the day,” said Davidson as he went on to thank the room of public servants for their willingness to run and serve.

He stated that they are now in an important job, and to think of the State Treasurer as a partner in their work.

After the meet and greet, the group then went on to tour the Legislative Building and network among one another.

This meeting takes place every four years, matching the election cycle.