State Treasurer launches the Washington Fund Directory

windmills in field

OLYMPIA, WA – State Treasurer Duane Davidson is helping local governments match with the funding sources
they need to achieve their goals by launching the Washington Fund Directory this week.

On Tuesday, Treasurer Davidson announced his office created an online directory of programs offered by State
agencies that provide funding (grants and loans) to not just local governments, but non-profits, tribes, small
businesses, and even individuals.

“This is a user-friendly website where over 130 State programs can be found together,” Treasurer Davidson said.

“Before today, a locality would bounce around from one agency’s website to another when seeking funding.”

The Washington Fund Directory is designed to help funding seekers navigate quickly to the right agency that can help
move their project forward.

Local governments and other users often seek funds to help pay for infrastructure improvements like building
affordable housing, fixing bridges and roadways, or implementing community enhancements needed to improve
the health and safety of their citizens. These funds most often come in the form of loans or grants.

The Washington Fund Directory allows users to search for funds by category type, and further refine that search by
the specific type of program that best fits their needs. The categories are:

  • Environment, water, and energy
  • Housing, infrastructure, and economic development
  • Recreation, culture, and social services
  • Emergency management
  • Education
  • Transportation

“I wanted to provide local governments with an easier way to locate the resources they need.”

“There hasn’t been anything previously that captures all programs state-wide before,” said Treasurer Davidson. “It’s about time that
the state had a single resource local governments can use to find the right type program for them.”

Visit the Washington Fund Directory website: www.wafunddirectory.wa.gov