Treasurer Pellicciotti Completes Thirty-Nine County Tour of Washington

From the Treasurer

DAVENPORT – Visiting for official meetings today in Lincoln County, Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti completed a statewide, thirty-nine county tour that began in April of this year. Citing the need for greater transparency and accessibility for the Treasury, which manages tens-of-billions of dollars in state and local bonds and investments, Pellicciotti hoped to build new partnerships and share the difference that effective financial management of public dollars can make for Washingtonians in every part of the state.

“For too many across Washington, the day-to-day business conducted in Olympia may feel distant and disconnected from the lives of the people we serve,” said Pellicciotti. “It wasn’t uncommon as I traveled the state and met with local officials and community organizations over these past months to learn it was their first time hearing about the critical role our office can play in securing financing for local projects, reducing the cost of housing development, or simply saving and safeguarding taxpayer dollars.”

In 121 meetings and events across all of Washington’s thirty-nine counties with civic organizations; state legislators; labor unions; city, county, and tribal governmental leaders; local media; chambers of commerce; port officials; educational leaders; and others, a few themes were unifying around the state, according to Pellicciotti.

“No matter where I was around the state or the political affiliation of the people we met with, it wasn’t long before hearing firsthand accounts of skyrocketing housing prices, the high cost of childcare, and the need for greater economic development at the local level,” noted Pellicciotti. “These challenges, though at times daunting, are a strong reminder of the common interests we all share to make Washington a livable and thriving state where opportunity isn’t limited by region or financial means.”

Along with promoting the office’s LOCAL Program, which allows local governments to finance construction, safety vehicles, and other equipment at low interest rates, Pellicciotti led conversations on his proposed Washington Future Fund, which would set aside $4,000 for every newborn eligible for Apple Health and invest those dollars to eventually be used for a down payment on a home, as capital to start a small business, or to pay for higher education including the trades and apprenticeships.

By taking a long-term view in addressing the challenges faced by communities statewide, it is Pellicciotti’s hope that through sound financial policy and investment decisions today, we will set up future generations of Washingtonians for economic resilience and opportunity.

“As a statewide elected official, I view it to be my responsibility to come to constituents where they live in every corner of the state,” said Pellicciotti. “It’s been incredibly enjoyable and insightful to get on the road, meet with thousands of Washingtonians, and enjoy the unparalleled geographic diversity of our great state.”