Payment Disbursement and Collection Options

Methods to disburse and/or collect payments and contact information

Payment Disbursement

Vendor and Infrequent Payments

Payments to vendors and other infrequent payments should be made through the Statewide Vendor Payment system.

Large Volumes of Benefits or Payments

Agencies disbursing large volumes of benefits or payments may choose to establish disbursement directly through the Treasurer’s Office. Disbursement options include ACH, also known as Direct Deposit, Prepaid Cards, and Warrants. We recognize each agency’s payment requirements are unique. We will work with you and our banking partners to identify the disbursement options that best meet your needs. 

Warrants Contact:

ACH and Prepaid Cards Contact:

Infrequent Payments Outside the Statewide Vendor Payment System 

Agencies occasionally need to make payments that aren’t well suited for the Statewide Vendor Payment system, such as escrow payments and other one-time payments. OST may be able to send these payments via Wire Transfer or ACH.


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

OST supports sending Federal Tax Payment to the IRS that need to be made outside the state’s payroll system.  Tax types supported: 941 Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return, 940 Employer’s Annual Unemployment Tax Return, 945 Withheld Federal Income Tax and 1042 Annual Withholding Tax for Income of Foreign Persons.



Payment Collection

Check Scanning

Online Electronic Deposit (OED) allows agencies to deposit checks through the bank’s online system with a desktop scanner. OST provides the scanner at no cost to the agency. OED is a best practice and can minimize trips to the bank. Agencies do not need to meet minimum deposit volume requirements; all agencies are eligible to participate in OED.


Lockbox Processing

Lockbox services are primarily for state agencies that process a large volume of checks and associated forms. Agency clients mail their payments to a Post Office Box that the bank services daily. These payments are processed and deposited into an agency account at the bank. The agency then receives the associated paperwork via courier or electronically, depending on an agency’s business requirements. The bank notifies the participating Agencies and OST of all deposits made via lockbox, and those funds are swept daily into the state’s concentration account. Our contact covers both manual processing (wholesale) and automated processing (retail).


Credit/Debit Card Acceptance

The Office of the State Treasurer administers a mandatory use contract for all state agencies for Merchant Bankcard Services. This contract covers VISA, MasterCard, and Discover acceptance along with PIN Debit acceptance. There is also a separate agreement to accept American Express cards.

An Economic Feasibility Study (EFS) is required prior to implementing a bankcard program. The Office of Financial Management (OFM) is responsible for the approval of an agency’s EFS. Information about the EFS process can be found at OFM’s website.


ACH/Automatic Debit/E-Check

ACH is both a credit and debit payment system.  Collecting revenue and payments through ACH is also known as Automatic Debit and E-Check.  ACH can be used to collect one-time and recurring payments.  The customer’s debit authorization and banking information can be obtained in writing, online and in certain cases over the phone.  We recognize each agency’s payment requirements are unique.  We will work with you and our banking partners to identify the disbursement options that best meet your needs.


EBill and Collect 

The Office of the State Treasurer has contracted with our banking partners to offer hosted payment services for payment collection via ACH and Bankcards.  You support the front-end of the website; the bank provides the back-end processing behind the Pay Now button.  EBill and Collect allows for the addition of a government service fee for credit/debit card transactions.



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