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Information related to debt management operations within the Office of the State Treasurer

The Office of the State Treasurer manages Washington's debt activities including debt authorized by the state Legislature for the capital and transportation budgets. Washington state features a diversified economy, healthy reserves, well-funded pensions, and a commitment to keep debt costs low.  Below you will find key information on the state's debt portfolio. Additional information can also be found on the "For Investors" page and OST's "Transparency Portal".

Documents have been provided for informational purposes only and are not provided for the purposes of, and are not suitable for, making investment decisions. Investors are encouraged to obtain the filings of the State at the MSRB's Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website.

Washington issues debt and incurs other financial obligations through three primary financing programs: Various Purpose (VP) General Obligation (GO) Bonds,  Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax and Vehicle Related Fees (MVFT/VRF) GO Bonds, and Certificates of Participation (COPs). Additionally, the state incurs contingent obligations under the School Bond Guarantee Program.

The State Finance Committee is authorized to supervise and control the issuance of all state debt and other financial obligations authorized by the Legislature. Financing programs, including bond and COP sales, are shepherded by the Office of the State Treasurer.  


General Obligation Bonds
  • Moody’s: Aaa (Outlook Stable)
    • June 18, 2024  (PDF)
  • S&P: AA+ (Outlook Positive)
    • June 17, 2024  (PDF)
  • Fitch: AA+ (Outlook Stable) 
    • June 18, 2024 (PDF)


EMMA Info:
Washington GO Bonds


  • S&P: AA (Outlook Stable)
    • June 2, 2022 (PDF)





EMMA Info: 
Washington GARVEE Bonds


Certificates of Participation
  • Moody’s: Aa1 (Outlook Stable)
    • May 24, 2023 (PDF)





EMMA Info:
Washington COPs




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