Deposit Preparation Instructions

Instructions for deposits delivered to a US Bank Branch or Cash Vault.

Deposit preparation is essential for timely and accurate processing of your deposits.  Improperly prepared deposits may be returned to the agency for correction and resubmission.

  1. Prepare a pre-printed deposit slip from your agency’s supply in ink. Complete all applicable fields on the deposit ticket including deposit total.
  2. Sort bills by denomination face up with the heads facing the same direction. Record the total amount in the designated box on the front of the deposit ticket. 
  3. Checks should be face up with MICR/account number on the same side. Bundle checks into batches of 300 or less. Ensure all checks are properly endorsed.
  4. Prepare a tape listing of the checks, including the check total. OST recommends you keep a copy of the tape listing for future reference with a copy of the deposit ticket.
    • Note: The calculator tape listing should include your agency name and deposit date. Key the dollar amount of each check in the same order as the physical items and note the total.
  5. Do not use tape or staples and remove all excess rubber bands and paper clips.
  6. Package and rubber band your deposit as follows:
    1. Tape listing
    2. Deposit ticket
    3. Currency
    4. Checks
    5. Place loose coin directly in bag
  7. Place the deposit in a poly bag.  Ensure all excess air has been removed from the bag before sealing.
  8. Complete the information requested on the outside of the bag, including Account Number and Dollar Amount. Tear off the bag edge with the pre-numbered bag number and keep it with your agency’s deposit records; do not send it to OST.
  9. Email a copy of the deposit ticket to by 3:00 on the day of deposit.
    • Unreadable Deposit Tickets:  Unreadable deposit slips will be refused. Agency will be asked to resubmit a legible copy. Verify numbers are legible and carbon is dark enough to be read after the deposit ticket is scanned. 
  10. Provide an A8 for the deposit by 3:00 the same day the deposit is delivered to the bank.  A8 must be for the amount written on the deposit ticket when delivered to the bank.
    • If an error is discovered after the deposit has been taken to the bank, make the A8 for the amount on the deposit ticket.  
    • If two different totals are written on the deposit ticket, the A8 should be for the amount written on the horizonal side of the deposit ticket.  This is the amount most often picked up by the bank.  

Notify OST at of either of these errors. After the bank verifies the deposit amount an adjustment will be issued for the difference.  


Lesa Williams, ACH and Deposits Manager


Cash Flow Desk, Cash Management


Reconciliation Desk, Cash Management