Information about investment of state agency and local government funds.

The State Treasury:

Operating funds that are held in the state treasury or the custody of the State Treasurer are pooled in the Treasury/Trust Portfolio.

Local Government Investments:

OST provides investment options and resources to local governments in Washington State.

The Local Government Investment Pool, or LGIP, is a short term investment vehicle similar to a money market fund.  Over 530 local governments in Washington State have participated in the pool since its inception in 1986.

The Separately Managed Accounts program is a medium-term investment option for local governments that mirrors the state's core portfolio.

The Statewide Custody Program is available to local governments needing securities custody services.  This is a custody contract that is put out for bid and negotiated by the Office of the State Treasurer on behalf of local governments and institutions of higher education in Washington.  Participants are able to access a contract offering competitive terms for securities custody services without undertaking a time consuming search process.

Click on Local Government Investment Resources for additional information about investments, repurchase agreements, investment policy development and training opportunities.