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Resources and information for government financial officers, municipal districts, and partnering agencies.   

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Credit and debt information on the state's financial health for Bond and Certificates of Participation investors. 

Transparency and Excellence in Financial Reporting

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Transparency in public finances is essential for building trust with the public and informing elected leaders as they make decisions about Washington’s future. The Office of the State Treasurer is committed to the highest standard of transparency about your dollars at work.


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     Get to know Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti and the role of the office.


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Quick Links: 


Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) Daily Yields

Daily, 7-day, 30-day, and true-30-day Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) yields that are able to be viewed by month.

Municipal Financing with the LOCAL Program

Local governments can use the state’s strong credit rating to finance equipment, vehicle, and real estate purchases at the lowest available rates.

Revenue Distribution Information

Search the database of revenue distributions to find details about local government tax collections, including contact information, frequency, and descriptions.