Electronic Federal Tax Payment System Instructions

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System instructions and contact information for tax deposits

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

These instructions are for tax deposits not generated through the Central Payroll System.


  1. State agencies must send the State Treasurer’s Office a letter of explanation authorizing OST to transmit federal tax deposits. This letter may accompany the EFT JV.
  2. The state agency will prepare an EFT JV for the amount to be transferred to the IRS. The EFT JV must include the following information:
    • Your Agency name
    • Your Agency number
    • Document number
    • Date that the document should be entered into the Treasury Management System This date should be the effective (Settlement) date that the dollars are to be credited to the IRS account.
    • Amount to be paid
    • Tax Period End Date. For 941 Taxes, this will be “for quarter ending MM/YY”.

    Your Agency’s nine-digit Tax ID number must be on the Journal Voucher.

Note: OST needs the JV by 12:00 pm the day before the effective date. JV and authorization letter should be emailed to EFTJV@tre.wa.gov. DO NOT send the original through the mail.


For 941 Taxes, dollar amount must be broken down to the subcategory for Social Security, Medicare and Withholding in 1-2-3 order as shown:

  • Social Security = *1a* (ER) and *1b* (EE) with dollar amounts
  • Medicare = *2a* (ER) and *2b* (EE) with dollar amounts
  • Withholding = *3* (EE) with dollar amount


For agencies processing payroll from local funds, amount must be deposited (accompanied by a Cash Receipt) with the Treasurer’s Office.

NOTE: In the event you require same-day tax transmission, please call one of the OST staff listed below. Same-day Fedwires must be sent prior to 12:00 pm PST.



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