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The Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS) is Washington state’s central accounting system. This system uses general ledgers (GL) to record detail data within AFRS, and In-Process reports to reconcile these entries.

AFRS In-Process Information

Entries posted to GL Code series: 7110-Receipts, 7120-Warrants (EFT’s are listed in this section), 7130-Warrant Cancellations and 7140-Journal Vouchers “In-Process” in treasury and treasury trust accounts also require an entry from the Office of the State Treasurer (OST) to clear the In-Process GL codes.

Entries will appear on your Unbalanced In-Process Reconciliation Report until the document number, fund and amount are the same (also called “married-up”) for both the agency and the OST side.

If you have determined that the OST made an error causing a document to appear on your In-Process, please notify us by completing the OST In-Process form. Necessary corrections will be made within two business days.

In general, agencies are responsible for correcting their own errors, we do not correct errors on documents that are automatically generated in TM$.

Examples include: documents sent to the OST containing incorrect information (i.e., wrong document number amount and/or fund), documents created using Interfund Transfer (IFT) and Interagency Payment (IAP) transaction codes, or documents created from an electronic file sent to us for processing.

For assistance, contact Schennday Hansen at (360) 902-8957.

Useful OFM Resources:

OFM offers an In-Process Report Training for staff responsible for monitoring the In-Process reports. This class provides an overview of the In-Process general ledgers and the reports used to monitor them. It also covers common types of transactions and tools for identifying and correcting problems. The last half of class provides you with an opportunity to review your agency’s unbalanced In-Process, identify likely actions needed and prepare correcting journal entries.

For additional information and registration, visit OFM’s website.

AFRS In-Process Form

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