State Agency Financing

Information, guides, and forms related to OST's State Lease-Purchase Program

State Lease-Purchase Program

The State Lease-Purchase program offers Washington State Agencies a cost-effective way to finance equipment purchases such as vehicles, computers and HVAC systems and real estate projects including property acquisition and construction of new facilities.

Legal and administrative costs for each participating agency are minimized through the use of standardized documentation. Once financing documents have been completed and borrowing rates set by the market, each local government receives a detailed schedule of semi-annual payments due on its outstanding leases. Funds are either distributed directly to vendors or made available on a reimbursement basis upon receipt of detailed invoices and proof of payment.

To ensure compliance with tax and legal requirements, OST monitors the spend-down of proceeds and the use of the facilities that have been financed. OST also monitors refunding opportunities.

Please see the links below for a more detailed description of the program parameters, the financing process and required documentation.

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