ACH and Wire Transfer Instructions

Procedures for one time wire transfers or for future recurring transfers

These procedures are for one time wire transfers or for future recurring transfers (ACH). These transactions are called Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and require a Journal Voucher (JV) signed by an authorized person.

If an authorization is not already on file with the Office of the State Treasurer (OST), you will need to prepare an OST authorized signature list of those employees in your agency authorized to request EFTs. The list of current signers should be included on your agency’s letterhead and authorized by an agency manager who has expenditure authority. When there are changes in staff this list should be updated by completing a new authorized signature list of all current signers. If you need an EFTJV form, click here.

Next you will need to prepare the EFT JV with all the specific information about the bank and bank account the money is being transferred to.

Information must include:

  • Bank name
  • ABA or routing number
  • Name of account owner
  • Account number
  • Effective settlement date

You may also include any text such as a reference number or name on wire transfers only. The JV should be signed by a person authorized.

Our deadline for next-day processing is 3:00 PM. Please email your completed EFT JV to:

We will confirm receipt by replying to your email.


Cindy Doughty, Cash Management