Laws and Rules

Links to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that apply to the Office of the State Treasurer

The state Constitution, Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) are all sources of primary law in Washington State.

  • Constitution – The Washington State Constitution, ratified in 1889, established the three branches of our state government: executive, legislative and judicial. In Article III, Section 1, the Treasurer is listed as one of the state’s executive officers. The Treasurer’s role concerning state debt is described in Article VIII, Section 1.
  • Laws The RCW is the compilation of all permanent Washington State laws (also referred to as statutes, or statutory law) currently in force, enacted by the state Legislature or through the citizens’ initiative process. RCWs related to Office of the State Treasurer (OST) functions are listed below.
  • Rules – The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) is the compilation of regulations issued by executive branch agencies under the authority of the statutes. Rules are sometimes referred to as administrative law. Rules adopted by the OST are listed below.


Primary laws and rules for the Office of the State Treasurer

State Treasurer: Chapter 43.08 RCW and Title 474 WAC

State Finance Committee: Chapter 43.33 RCW and Title 210 WAC

Tax Increment financing: Chapter 39.114 RCW

Public Funds – Deposits and Investments – Public Depositories: Chapter 39.58 RCW

State depositories: Chapter 43.85 RCW

Investments and Interfund Loans: Chapter 43.84 RCW

Surplus Funds – Investment Program: Chapter 43.86A RCW

State Budgeting, Accounting, and Reporting: Chapter 43.88 RCW


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