Transfer Journal Vouchers Information

Contact information and instructions for transfer journal vouchers (JV), which are used to transfer funds between agencies and between treasury and/or treasury trust accounts

The Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS) is Washington state’s central accounting system. This system uses transfer journal vouchers (JV) to transfer funds between agencies and between treasury and/or treasury trust accounts. Transfer JVs entered by the OST appear under General Ledger 7140 – Journal Vouchers in Process. Interfund Transfer (IFT) and Inter-Agency Payment (IAP) transaction codes automatically generate the OST transactions. Hard copies of IFTs and IAPs should not be sent to the Treasurer’s Office for processing.


The following information must be included on transfer JVs sent to the OST:

  • Agency name
  • Document Number (up to 8 characters)
  • Agency Number(s)
  • Account(s)
  • Major Group/Major Source (if applicable)
  • Debits


  • Credits
  • Amounts (Debits must equal Credits)


JVs that do not contain all of the above information will be sent back to the originating agency.

Note: The OST requires fund summaries for transfer JVs containing more than six lines of coding.

When sending a JV to the OST, please mail, fax OR email only one document to avoid duplicate entries. Daily cut off is 3:00 p.m.

Campus mail stop: 40209

Email to:

Transfer JV Form (EXCEL)


Please make sure the following criteria have been met before submitting JVs via email:

  • Send only one JV per e-mail
  • Include the appropriate “prepared by” information and approval signature
  • The JV is a scanned copy of the original (no excel or toolbox spreadsheets)
  • The document number is displayed in the subject line of your email


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