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Educational resources for children, parents, teachers, and all who are interested in improving their financial wellness.

It’s never too early or too late to learn how to manage your personal and household budgets, handle your credit cards, save money, and invest wisely!

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Financial Education Games

  • Financial Football is a fun and engaging way to learn about financing and budgeting for the future. This interactive game is for kids young and old. Also included is an extensive curriculum for financial education teachers.
  • The Payoff–Choose to play the role of Alex or Jess in Visa’s new game, The Payoff. Help Alex and Jess make wise financial decisions as they create a video blog for a competition in this fun immersive game designed for ages 14 and up.

Making Financial Education Inclusive to Students: Conversations with Master Educators

  • A Financial Education Inclusivity Guidebook created by the Financial Education Public-Private Partnership (FEPPP) of the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

    Financial education materials, like most public-school curriculums, are written by and for the largest market segment – the middle class. Studies evaluating the effectiveness of financial education programs repeatedly conclude that there is a need for materials that are relevant for students from low-income households.

    This work is designed to help educators make their financial education classes more inclusive by recognizing the differences in perspective and experience of all students.

    Identifying and adjusting for these differences can be the difference between a lesson that resonates with all students and one that leaves a quarter of your class unchanged in any meaningful way. If our experiences and our curriculums don’t reflect the world of our students, how do we ignite student interest? This is the question we hope to address in this booklet.

    ​​​​​​​We hope that this booklet will provide a fresh perspective and give you permission to explore new methods for your classroom focused on inclusivity for all students, expanding their world to include multiple perspectives. Our goal is to share with you where there is potential for improvement in our standard curriculums, and how we work to fix them. This is just the beginning of this conversation.